We understand your pain... and we'll provide you with relief.

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Pain Resources Inc. is a medical practice that specializes in relieving pain. Chronic pain, acute pain, back pain, neck pain, unexplained pain... our pain management physicians and experts address it all.

If you are in pain, or know somebody that is, contact us, and we'll work on getting you or your loved one out of pain, and on the road to living a normal life. Because in the end, pain relief is what matters right now, correct? We accept most major insurance plans, and are ready, willing, and able to help you.

Experts in pain management and pain relief

Pain Management specialists Mark J. Egerman, MD and Carlos J. Durham, MD started our pain management center with a clear focus on treating all manner of pain, from acute to chronic to outright debilitating. Regardless of your condition, we want to help.

Relief begins with your phone call or e-mail. Schedule a visit with us, we're located in The Woodlands and let's work together to make your life better.

3115 College Park Drive Suite 103C

The Woodlands TX 77384

Phone: 936-273-1133

Fax: 936-273-1335